The love we have for our home in the Austrian Alps provides us with our daily motivation to craft authentic, sustainable and beautiful wooden products. One glance at your watch will inspire a sense of ​Alpine culture, nature, freedom and leisure!

As a family business, we take pride in our home, embodying modern interpretations of Alpine tradition, and practise careful use of natural resources. Hence why we deliberately choose locally sourced Alpine wood, the highest quality merino wool, original Sölker marble and genuine leather for the crafting of our pieces.


With our regional suppliers and manufacturers, we ensure that each Waidzeit item tells its own story while guaranteeing the highest quality along with an Alpine influence. Inspired by the Alpine zest for life, we are constantly expanding our sophisticated Waidzeit range. For example, we use wood from oak barrels in which wine and whisky once matured.

This creative upcycling gives our watches, jewellery and glasses from the wine, whiskey and beer-barrel line a unique and adventurous connoisseur story, one which we tell with passion. In our brand-new gin line, we go one step further and use, for the first time, the finest juniper wood for the dial. Gin can hardly be represented more authentically! Individuality and pleasure, mindfulness and connection to nature - that is what we at Waidzeit stand for.


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