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Our Design watches and eyewear are manifactured out of upcycled Whisky & Wine barrels!

Waidzeit New Arrivals

Recycling instead of rainforest - Gin wooden watch collection with real juniper dial and barrique wine barrel

Wine Princess Noir Wine Barrel Lady watch
This barrique wine watch with the appropriate name "Wine Princess Noir" represents an elegant eye-catcher.  Together with an exquisite black dial, a golden-coloured wine leaf and roman numbers, this wooden watch looks absolutely elegant. In addition, a stainless steel ring...
Chronograph RUM barrel Gentlemen watch
Having a pleasant, flattering aroma, rum is becoming more and more popular as an "high-society drink". No wonder that we from Waidzeit Austria create beautiful timepieces from time-honoured rum barrels. By elaborately integrating the rum barrel into the dial, the watch case...
Element Bracelet Women Gold
Our Waidzeit bracelet for women made of wood and stainless steel is available in different versions and this elegant jewelry bracelet is made of original barrique wine barrel - oak and stainless steel elements with gold refinements. Besides, an additional...
Whisky Taste Sunglasses
These trendy sunglasses are made from a whisky barrel, which tells a very special story. The oak wood, from which the sunglasses are made, has an individual grain and its own character, which means that each model is unique. The...
Franz Theodor Skeleton pocket watch black
The black sheep in our Franz Edition is clearly our Franz-Theodor!  It has white Roman numerals on the dial and a window on the mechanism. In addition, the stainless steel case on the back is also equipped with a window...
Oak Timeless Pocket Watch
The Waidzeit pocket watch made of oak wood is known as 'timeless' because of its classic elegance and timeless beauty. With its slate-grey dial and integrated date display, it is a very special masterpiece and lies elegantly and comfortably in...
GIN White Ice Chronograph Gentlemen watch
Gin on the rocks?!  Nowadays you can hardly imagine an evening or a cozy night without having a glass of gin. Gin is the most popular drink among alcoholic beverages and is enjoyed by all age groups. No wonder that even...
Element Bracelet Women Gold with bog oak
This special element bracelet for women made of dark bog oak and gold brushed stainless steel impresses with its uniqueness. Due to the complex processing of the bog oak, this element bracelet carries the soul of ancient oak trunks that have...

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