Whisky Black Leather Men
This Whisky masterpiece is an accessoire for men with exquisite taste. The case is hand-crafted from oak wood that previously served as a Whisky barrel in Europe and now functions as an extraordinary piece of art. A unique detail about this piece is its cork-shaped crown...
Grapevine Men Leather
This Barrique masterpiece inherited its name from grapevines and is an itpiece for men with exquisite taste. The case is handcrafted out of oak wood that previously served as a wine barrel in France and Austria and now functions as an extraordinary...
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Chronograph Weiße Wand Herrenuhr - Sölker Marmor
With this chronograph from Waidzeit, you not only know what the time is, but you can also stop it. It impresses with its simple design. All materials come from the Alpine region: walnut wood forms the frame, the dial is...
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